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22 vs. Earth: Pixar is preparing a prequel to Soul in short film

Why has she become so cynical? Answer April 30 on Disney Plus.

While Soul has a good chance of triumphing at the Oscars , this Sunday, Disney reveals that a prequel short of the animated film will be available soon. 22 vs. Earth will arrive on Disney Plus next week, April 30, and will follow, as its title suggests, Little Soul 22, voiced by Tina Fey.

“When we were preparing Soul, we were discussing the reasons why a new soul wouldn’t want to live on earth,” explains Kevin Nolting, the director of the short, who has worked at Pixar studios for more than 20 years . not made into the movie, but 22 vs. Earth offers a chance to answer some questions, including why 22 is so cynical. Being quite a cynical person myself, this was a perfect subject! “

Specifically, 22 vs. Earth will tell how, and why, therefore, the little soul defied the rules of the Great Before by refusing to be sent to earth. At his side, five other new souls form his gang of rebels. “These new souls make this short film really, really fun, because their pure innocence contrasts with the cynical ambitions of 22. They represent what 22 was before choosing another path. They are pure, innocent, white boards that must follow. their advisers on their journey through the portal to earth. 22 sees it as an opportunity to guide them on her own to another path, another way of thinking. “

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