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5 Essential Elements of a Successful Event Strategy

Every successful marketing event starts off with a vision of the outcome, an objective to meet and a strategy to get there. Without these 3 things, events are left to flounder and never become as big or as profitable as possible. Your strategy is the “How” to your vision’s “Why” and your objective’s “What”. Whether you charge an admission fee or not, your attendees also invest in your event with their time. To get the best results from your marketing event, your event strategy has to have these 5 elements in place.

An Event That Sells
An event that sells starts with the name. You want your event to have a catchy title that draws attention and that makes your target market want to come to your event. Address the benefits that your attendees will get, what is it that they will come away with? If you have created your vision, you already know what that is, so it should be easy to incorporate a strong benefit statement into your event name. Weave the benefit statements throughout your marketing and focus on what your event will do for your attendees, their lives and their businesses.

Content That Rocks
Your event content should be “New, Now, Next”. Your attendees clamor for new information and insights, strategies that they can implement now and tools they can continue using next week, next month and next year. Especially if you use your workshop or seminar to sell your services on the backend, your event should be content-heavy. If you are light on content and heavy on the sales pitch, you will lose your audience. People do business with people they know, like and trust. To get there fast, you have to give them valuable content that makes them glad they invested their time and money with you.

A Venue That Works
Every workshop, seminar, and event is different and you can use many different venues for your event. The key is to use the kind of venue that works for your event. Whether that is a hotel, conference center, library, community center or another venue depends on your vision. If your vision contains a simple, educational setting, a conference center or a university would work. If your target market is high spending women who are used to comfort and a lavish lifestyle, a community center or school cafeteria definitely doesn’t work. Make your venue work for your vision, your target market and your event.

Revenue Streams That Explode Your Profits
Charging admission for your events is an obvious revenue stream, but it may not be the revenue stream that makes you the most money. Put together a package of your products and services to sell in the back of the room with a special workshop price. You can also create information products from the event. Record yourself (audio and or video) and create a home study course to sell on your website. You can use a 1 hour segment as a lead generator to capture the traffic on your website.

Event Elements That Add Value
When you know what benefits your attendees are looking for, you can add event elements that reinforce the benefits and add value to the overall experience. If one of the advantages of coming to your event is the connection they will be making with like minded individuals, make sure your build in opportunities for them to do just that. Add a welcome reception so your attendees can get to know each other in an informal setting, breaking the ice a little. For a 1 day workshop, add a roundtable lunch, where each table has a topic to discuss. People interested in that topic can sit at that table and have a conversation with fellow attendees interested in that topic.

When you plan your marketing event with your vision in mind, your objective as your target and the pieces of your event strategy in place, you are set up for success. Your strategy and its components will guide you to plan an event that will truly move your business to the next level. Connect with your clients like never before, turn them into raving fans and create a profit avalanche. It all happens when you host your own live event.

Daphne J. Bousquet is a Certified Meeting Professional who offers profitable event strategies and implementation to coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and self employed professionals. Go to http://www.eventstrategysolutions.com to get your free audio: “5 Simple Secrets to Turning Your Workshop into an Explosion of Clients and Profits”.

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