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6 things to take away from the Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale for the MCU sequel

From the new Captain America to Sharon Carter, passing through a world deeply traumatized by the “snap” …

The final episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier is out this Friday on Disney Plus. As expected, he completed the day-to-day business, without necessarily leaving the door open to a season 2 . But still sowing some seeds that will certainly germinate in the sequel to the Marvel Universe.WHO IS TORRES, THE SOLDIER WHO COLLECTS FALCON’S WINGS IN FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER?

Black captain america

As you might expect at the end of episode 5 , Sam Wilson was offered a Captain America costume by Bucky, made in Wakanda by Dora Milaje. Gone are the beginnings related to the departure of Steve Rogers. The former acolyte takes up the torch, in his own way, with his Falcon wings on his back. Now it will be him, Anthony MacKie , the Captain America of the MCU ! He will be the protector of planet Earth, even though he has no super strength or bionic armor. He will be the human embodiment of the Avengers. More specifically, Sam will be the Black Captain America, a whole symbol for Marvel’s America and for our world, that of the Black Lives Matter movement, more alive than ever.

And here is US Agent, Val’s weapon …

“Things are about to get weird …” Countess Valentina De Fontaine warns John Walker that she is going to need him. The character of Julia Louis-Dreyfus was introduced to the MCU via the Disney Plus series and she will certainly have a role in the sequel to the franchise. Obviously, she’s up to something ” weird“, as she says in the last moments of the finale to her new secret weapon, this super-soldier whom she transformed into a US Agent. Because John has indeed officially become the US Agent, as in the comics. As if to better protect the America’s interests in the world, the old Cape has taken on a new costume, and even though he’s learned to calm his anger, he could well be found on Sam and Bucky’s road in the MCU sequel .

Bucky found his smile again

The last scene of the final episode shows that Sam and Bucky have become very good friends. The Winter Soldier seems to have settled his post-traumatic worries, his nagging guilt, which kept him from moving forward. Serene, he is ready to move on, to open a new peaceful chapter in his long life, and for the first time since the character’s arrival in the MCU . He might even start a love affair … with Sam’s sister!

Sharon Carter in “total naughty” mode

She was very sweet and sympathetic during her first steps at Marvel. Peggy’s little niece even helped Steve and his comrades hide from governments during Civil War . She paid dearly for her gesture of support. Exiled and abandoned by the Avengers, she cracked. Yes, of course, she’s been the Power Broker from the start. She was the one who wanted to steal Super-Serum to sell it to the highest bidders. His identity was able to remain hidden until the end. So much so that Sam brought her back to America. Forgiven by justice, she has the right to resume her job within her old agency. But she didn’t forget anything. She will continue to do evil, now infiltrated in the highest spheres, like Hydra at the time. It remains to be seen who her accomplice is, with whom she talks on the phone in the post-credits sequence …

Zemo always has it under his elbow

He’s a little less naughty now. Appeared for half a second in this finale, after giving the series a hell of a boost in recent weeks, Zemo is now locked in the underwater prison, the “Raft”. But the wealthy Baron can still act from his cell. Thanks to his butler Oeznik! The latter blew up the last Flag-Smashers Super-Soldiers. Zemo is not finished, and we hope to see him again in the next MCU !

The world is devastated after the “blip”

And Marvel is playing politics! This finale of Falcon and the Winter Soldier was marked with a big speech by Captain Sam in front of the cameras. ” You have the banks. You can feed a million people by making a phone call … ” Strong messages to shake the consciences of those in power. Because in the world of Marvel, planet Earth is completely traumatized by the cancellation of Thanos’ “snap”. The population must reintroduce into its midst a few billion human beings, erased from the surface of the Globe for 5 years. This return to normalcy is incredibly violent for those who have returned, as for those who had to heal and rebuild the world after Infinity War. and the “snap”. The latest episode in the Disney Plus series makes it very clear that the situation is far from over. Thanos left very strong traces on Earth. And the next chapters of the MCU will necessarily refer to it again.

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