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7 Useful Technologies for Organizing Events in 2012

According to experts, the year 2012 will see the usage of many new trends and technologies that will help event organizers streamline their event needs in the coming years. Millions of event organizers across the world are taking the help of advanced Cloud computing, mobile applications such as LTE and WI-Fi, and social media tools to enhance their brand image and create a repeat attendance.

Cloud Computing

It is one of the most highly used technologies of 2011, and its demand will increase all the more in 2012. Cloud computing refers to freely sharing of products and services over the Internet. Event planning organizations can adopt this technology to offer registration and payment management solutions to the global audience.

Social Media Tools

An increase number of individuals will start using social media tools in 2012. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ already has millions of users and the number of new members is rising with each passing day.

Free HD Video Conference Tools

Many organizations hold events across multiple locations throughout the year. Now, it is impossible for the same person to be present at different conference or meeting venues at the same time. Skype and Google Hangout helps you easily interact and share valuable event-specific information with your members and customers over the Internet. The tools help you attend the meeting or seminar without being physically present at the location.

Free Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools such as Google Docs helps you share documents and other resources almost instantly with your customers. You can also store documents on your computer desktop and allow your team members or customers to view and share the document as and when necessary.

Mobile Applications – LTE and Wi-Fi

LTE (3GPP Long Term Evolution) accelerate the process of data transfer over wireless devices. LTE uses the new latest DSP (Digital Signal Processing) method to offer customizable high-speed bandwidth across numerous networks. Tablets, Smartphon


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