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Angie’s Tough Decision


Angelina Jolie has made the difficult decision to undergo a prophylactic double mastectomy. This tough decision was made by her after she found out that she had the dreaded BRCA1 gene. This gene code predisposes the individual carrying it to a manifold increase in chances of developing breast or ovarian cancer.


Jolie acquired this gene from her mother who passed away at the early age of 56 after having lost the battle to cancer. Marcheline Bertrand, Jolie’s mother, suffered for more than 10 years before finally giving up. Jolie speaks of how when discussing her mother with her own kids she is faced with the question of having the same thing happen to her. In response to that threat she decided this was the way to go in order to defeat the disease.


Her chances before her mastectomies, of developing breast cancer were 87%, but now that she’s gone for the procedure, her chances have been reduced to a mere 5%.


She started undergoing the surgeries in early Feb this year and has completed the painful process late in April.


She has appreciated Brad Pitt’s support throughout this difficult time and commends him for finding something to laugh about and keep her spirits high during this entire ordeal. Understandably, this could not have been an easy decision.


Her surgeries took place at the Pink Lotus Breast Center and she chose to share her decision with the rest of the world because she wanted to enlighten people about the reality of breast cancer and encourage women to make strong decisions without being afraid of social issues. This is again a brave decision by a woman who has done much by way of philanthropy and humanitarian spirit than many of her contemporaries.


She was reported as having stated that this procedure hasn’t left her feeling any less feminine or any less of a woman, rather she feels empowered by her ability to have made such a strong decision.


You have to respect someone who is that brave and that forthcoming. I love how she carries the weight of living a public life with style and dignity.



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