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Baby Girl Names: Ideas for Your Newborn Princess

We all agree that every baby is a precious one to the parents. As parents, we are committed in giving them the best of everything. When we first hear about the big news, one of the questions that immediately come to mind is, “What name should we give our baby?” If you’re expecting a little princess, here is a list of baby girl names that are worth considering:

    1. Aphrodite: Among fans of Greek mythology, this is probably one of the most popular choices. Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Alternatively, in Roman mythology, she is known as Venus. Meanwhile, in Norse mythology, Freya is considered as the most beautiful among all the goddesses; variations include Freia, Freyia, and Freja.


    1. Audrey: Audrey is one of the most radiant names in Hollywood, owing to the popularity of Belgian-born actress, Audrey Hepburn. Audrey Hepburn, aside from being a famous movie star, is also a known style icon and humanitarian.


    1. Belle: In French, Belle means “beautiful.” It is also the name of the leading character from one of the most famous Disney films, “Beauty and the Beast.” In Latin, Bella and Belinda also mean beautiful. In Greek, Kallista-and variations such as Callista and Callie-means “the prettiest and the fairest.” In Italian, Mirabella means “wondrous and lovely.”


    1. Dayanara: Dayanara is the name of the grand prize winner of Miss Universe 1993. Since then, it has seen a spike in popularity among beauty pageant aficionados. Other beauty queen names include Riyo (from Riyo Mori, Miss Universe 2007), Dayana (2008), and Stefania (2009).


    1. Emma: In German, Emma means “all-embracing.” Variations include Emmie and Emmett.


    1. Isabella: In Hebrew, Isabella means “dedicated to the holiness of God”. In Spanish, it is considered as a variation of the name Elizabeth. Other variations include Isabelle, Lizbeth, and Eliza.


    1. Natalie: Natalie, a variation of Natividad, means “a child born in Christmas.” Other variants include Natalia and Natasha. Famous celebrities with this name include singer-songwriter, Natalie Cole and top-rank Hollywood actress, Natalie Portman.


    1. Penelope: Penelope used to be an ordinary-sounding name, until Madrid-born actress, Penelope Cruz, entered the movie scene. With a simple change in accent, Penelope started to sound a whole lot fiercer than it ever was.


    1. Samantha: In Aramaic, Samantha means “listener.” However, it is more popularly used in English-speaking countries. It rose to popularity because of the 1960’s TV show “Bewitched” in which the lead character is named Samantha.


  1. Sophia: Sophia is one of the most popular baby girl names given by parents to their little girls. Sophia means “wisdom” in Greek. Variations include Sophie, Sofia, and Sofie, among many others.

There are still quite a number of beautiful baby girl names from which you can choose from, each with their own unique meaning. If you can’t decide on a particular name yet, you can always ask your friends and family for their suggestions. You can even try coming up with a unique name.

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