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Best Films of 2010

2010 was a seriously good year for films, and if you didn’t go to the cinema as much as you might have liked, then we have compiled a list of some of the best films from 2010, so that you don’t miss out on some brilliant movies.


One of the most thought-provoking films I have ever come across; you really have to pay attention to keep up with the plot. Dom Cobb and his partners have the ability to enter people’s dreams, normally to find out information and secrets. However one day Cobb is approached by a wealthy client, who wants a different service- he wants the conglomerate of his competitor broken up, so he needs Cobb to plant an idea in the head of his competitor’s heir. However inception (planting an idea inside someone else’s head) proves more dangerous than any of the team could have imagined, perhaps except Cobb- he has performed inception once before, and the memories of that previous attempt return to threaten him. A fantastically innovative film, with a suspense ending to match any- it can be a good idea to watch this film a couple of times, as there is a lot to take in.

The Kings Speech

The Kings Speech took the movie world by storm, which was unusual for a British historical drama. The film is based upon the life of George VI, who had to overcome a stammer which he had as a young man. Whilst Albert (later George VI) is not first in line to the throne, he seeks to improve his public speaking, and he is helped by a therapist names Lionel Logue. However when Albert’s older brother Edward chooses to marry Wallis Simpson over inheriting the crown, Albert finds himself king, and a king who needs to address millions of his compatriots over the radio after the outbreak of war with Nazi Germany. The script is particularly strong; it is easy for historical drama’s to become stuffy, whereas this particular script has had a lot of wit written into it. In fact the strongest element of the whole film is that it is so much better than you might have been expecting, witty, sensitive and patriotic, it deserved its 4 Oscars.

Toy Story 3

I thought it would be good to break out of the mould of serious films, to give an excellent animated movie a mention. The Toy Story series has continually been one of the funniest and most creative series of Disney movies, and the third installment is no disappointment. Andy, the owner of Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toys has grown up and only takes Woody with him to college. The other toys are accidentally left on the curb by Andy’s Mum, believe they are unwanted and decide to head for a new home. However, the grass on the other side of the fence is not as green as it first appears, and it is left to Woody to convince them that Andy hasn’t forgotten about them. The film retains all of the magic of the previous two, but there are also some really funny sections, such as the time when Buzz gets accidentally set to Spanish mode.

Taking the time to find the best films is well worth it, indeed there are lists of the top 10 films of 2010.

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