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Computer Desktop Wallpapers As Business Tools

Computer desktop wallpapers are common ways of customizing your computer usage and experience. Wallpapers can also offer a welcome respite from the humdrums in the workplace by giving you a glimpse of beautiful place, a favorite vacation spot, a celebrity you idolize, an inspiring religious image, and even an abstract art that you admire. However, did you know that, more than beautifying a computer screen, desktop wallpapers also serve other highly-practical purposes especially in business?

1. Interactive wallpapers

Some desktop wallpapers can be used in conjunction with some highly-advanced software that are now readily available. And when this is done, these wallpapers can interact with the internet to perform functions that are essential to any business. These functions include notifying the user when a new electronic mail arrives in his mailbox and providing the latest news on various aspects in the business as well as non-business worlds.

2. Events calendar

When you work in a highly-active business enterprise, one of the most important things you have to do is to maintain an effective events calendar. Doing this will help you ensure that you can efficiently manage your appointments and be able to attend, if not all then most vital meetings and events. Fortunately, wallpapers can now function as events calendar, which you can access by just glancing at your computer screen. Some of these free desktop wallpapers that also function as events calendars are available on websites such as,, and

3. Stress relievers

For an employee who is constantly bombarded with work-related stress and pressure, having a means to relieve stress at his disposal is an imperative. Some employees take ultra-short power naps, others clutch with all their strength on squeeze balls. Now, you can also relieve stress by placing the right kind of wallpaper on your computer desktop. Pick wallpapers that feature relaxing pictures of outdoor scenes, a colorful aquarium, a soothing animated waterfall, or a warm, blazing fireplace. You can get free desktop wallpapers of this kind from the internet.

4. Promotional tool

Wallpapers can also work as a free or very low cost means of promoting your company. Instead of the usual free desktop wallpapers of nature or celebrities that are downloadable online, you can opt to display your brand name, company logo or names of your newest products and services on the computer screens in your office. This way, each time a client or customer visits your offices and glances at the wallpapers on the computers, you have basically shown him an advertisement of your company and its products and services at no or minimal cost.

Now, who says desktop wallpapers only serve aesthetic purposes? Although wallpapers are probably one of the novelty features of computers, when used with practicality in mind, and with very good business sense, they may actually work as indispensable tools that can help you manage and operate your business effortlessly and more efficiently. Go on and browse the internet now for free desktop wallpapers that will work best for you, your employees, and your business.

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