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Event Marketing Online

It seems everyone is on the web these days, so if you’re looking to market your event, online is a great place to start. Once you find out through keyword analysis where the traffic is at, you can throw a site up to give them what they’re looking for.

Then, you will need a time sensitive message in order to move them to take action. For instance, “the event date is August 20-23” and “the first 100 people to register will receive a free pass to (such and such)”. This will encourage early registration and increase attendance. Whether your event is for consumers or vendors/suppliers, don’t wait to start networking on and offline in order to reach them.

Remember that marketing is something that’s done not only before the event, but during and after as well. It’s all about creating a pleasant experience for the participants so they will return.

Marketing Tools

Anything and everything that will disseminate your event information is a marketing tool. Network with personal contacts and exchange business cards, as these can be powerful marketing tools.

Utilizing trade Ezines and magazines which provide publications online are also effective approaches to attract quality prospects to your event. Press releases are a good source of free advertising. Newspapers and trade magazines try to provide current information on events, so if they have room they will include your information. This frequently occurs close to publication deadlines, so that would be the best time to inquire if space is available.

Marketing Software

Putting on an event involves dealing with every segment of industry, so you need to be able to compile all the various forms of data you collect into useful reports which can be used to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. This will result in a better experience for your event goers.

Marketing software should be highly automated, gathering information and connecting sales and finance. It needs to deliver concise data in order for you to track your results and manage your campaign. This will enable you to do the most accurate forecasting. Your software should enable you to perform such analytics as profiling attendees. It should also serve as a single source for inbound/outbound communications for hands on control, before, during and after your event.

Of course, following up with your participants after the event is a vital marketing strategy.

Event Invitations

Once you have figured out who you’re trying to reach, then you can get creative about what invitation would best communicate your type of event and why it would benefit your prospective attendee.

You can be hugely successful, regardless what type of material you produce, whether it be a brochure, postcard, or formal invitation. Whatever you choose should be duplicated online, either on your website or blog post or the like.

Remember to carefully inspect your invitation to insure that it is perfectly accurate in order to prevent embarrassment and the wasting of time and money.

Direct Marketing

Some examples of direct marketing are postcards, gift cards, door hangers, emails, and banner ads.

Online or offline, direct marketing needs to strongly relate a strategic message. For instance, if customers are seeking convenience, then concentrate on language that will best convey meeting that need with phrases like “hassle free” and “user friendly”.

Event Sponsorship

There are many creative arrangements that can benefit your sponsors and your event. Co-producing marketing materials or commercial ads that display both of your logos is one example. Event sponsorship can come in many forms. It can be a donation of money, goods and services, or event tickets to increase your event’s attendance.

Direct Mail Marketing

Defining your type of attendee is a key element to direct mail marketing. Once your type of attendee has been identified you can approach “lead” companies who supply lists in the form of mailing labels. They also provide CD’s containing not only postal information, but telephone, email and web info as well.

Therefore, all you need to do is send out marketing material which includes a response form, to facilitate your direct mail campaign.

Promotional Marketing

Creating marketing incentives is a great idea but you need to be careful how you layout the rules. The Federal Trade Commission states that “when a “free” offer is tied to the purchase of another product, the price of the purchased product should not be increased from its regular price.”

When you invite people through marketing material or online to interact with your site, you’ll not only know that they visited, but for how long. You will also be given the demographics of the people interested in your event.

Give people an incentive to discuss your event to their friends. Your promotion can be set up to encourage and reward people for getting others to register. Pay attention to how much time they spend with your offer and the kinds of people your site attracts. Contests are a draw new clients like a magnet and help create product awareness.

Alternative strategies include collecting names and addresses for leads as well as discounting an item as a loss leader to accumulate a larger customer base. According to research, 76 percent of show participants come with a set agenda.

You need to create a program that will give a lasting impression. How you spend your budgeting dollars will determine how you achieve this. To help you determine who your target attendee is, consider who you would want to walk into your office and do business with you. Thats who you need to reach.

Social Marketing

There are more and more blogs, virtual communities, and content and photo sharing sites available and they are quickly becoming the very best tools to boost traffic and drive conversions to sales or other desired calls to action.

As the internet becomes increasingly common among the masses, social marketing as a whole has become the tool for conversion optimization.

By supplying people with the information they are seeking and providing a link to obtain that which has caught their interest, this drives more qualified traffic and in turn boosts conversion rates.

Some techniques to drive conversions may lie in the stickiness of your blogpage or web site. Ease of navigation, a desirable return policy, and multiple payment options are a few examples of things which can contribute to the stickiness of your site.

Blog Marketing

The easiest way to help customers become more involved in your business is to treat them as equal partners. The bottom line is, the success of every company depends on how well it serves, supports, and interacts with its customers. Every customer’s experience is weighed on a scale of success and failure.

Blogs can provide a snapshot of the pulse of the web at any given time. They allow for quick updates, comments and a ‘community’ feel. Easy to set up and maintain, blogs are a great way to keep potential attendees informed leading up to your event.

There are lots of ways to market an event. A comprehensive strategy that pulls from some or all of the above strategies will yield the greatest success.

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