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The Final Destination movies started in 2000 with the first one. Its starts with a group of people going somewhere or just out doing whatever. The First one has the airplane blowup, the Second movie has a highway freak accident, the Third movie has a Roller Coaster accident, and the Fourth one has the Raceway accident. The movies are about people having some vision or premonition, they see exactly what happens and how the people around them die. Then when they snap out of it and realize its going to happen naturally they freak out and start trying to warn people around them, and they take their girlfriend or whoever and start going out. Since it’s a movie of course other people go out too. Then after the “accident” happens death starts going after those who were supposed to die at the initial incident in the order of the way they died in the premonition.

In The Final Destination a lot of people thought that one was going to be the last. Until they made the fifth Final Destination.

I’m not going to give anything away for people who haven’t seen it, but I’m pretty sure that’s the last one with the way it ended. To me I thought the fifth one was the best, I didn’t see it in 3D but the original one was just as good. It had a lot more action and the deaths were freak accidents just like in something that would happen in real life. After seeing any of them you notice more things that could happen in your life. There are endless scenarios that could happen to anyone at anytime.

Life is unpredictable, and those movies reflect that. Take this for example; You could be going for a harmless jog down the road. You go past your neighbor who is mowing their lawn or an insect flies into your ear or worse eye. Something flies out from the lawn mower say a small piece of metal, or some poisonous insect flies at you and gets shot up your nostrils or in your ear into your brain. Impossible you say? Well I’m not sure of the chances of that happening but it is definitely not impossible. The Final Destination movies may be fiction but they can very well happen…to anyone. I recommend this movie and of them to anyone, be cautioned if you’re queasy to blood and gore though.

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