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Great Movies for Guys to Enjoy Over and Over

A number of movies are made specifically for girls’ nights. They usually follow a basic formula, and they star a few famous women and a handful of handsome men. When they end, you can typically be assured that everything will work out well for the lead characters and everyone will live happily ever after.

While a large number of men have watched these movies, they can rest assured that Hollywood is still making movies specifically for men. From mobsters and contract killers to racecars and outer-space adventures, plenty of great guy flicks promise to take viewers away from the real world for a few hours on any given afternoon.

One of the best movies for men is 1994’s “Pulp Fiction,” which was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Some fans of the movie who had seen his previous work, “Reservoir Dogs,” were already familiar with his nonlinear storytelling style. Those who witnessed his wizardry for the first time felt themselves caught up in a film like never before. “Pulp Fiction” tells the story of two California hit men and the intertwining tales of other lives they touch over a few strange days. From a guy’s point of view, this movie has an abundance of male camaraderie, prolific use of colorful language, and a ridiculous amount of gunplay and gore. While many women love the movie, this film is ideal for guys to enjoy time and time again.

In 1999, David Fincher introduced a testosterone-fueled film called “Fight Club.” Starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt as two men who start an underground fighting ring, this film is full of explosions, blood, and violence. At the start of the film, the protagonists are simply trying to find a way for men to get in touch with their baser instincts in order to truly appreciate their lives. Brutal fistfights are cleverly interspersed with humorous situations, a combination that male audiences can easily appreciate. “Fight Club” is another film that was viewed in theaters by men and women alike, but it is replayed on networks for men, such as FX and Spike.

Those looking for an enjoyable trip to the movies are likely to enjoy “Rush,” which hit theaters on September 27, 2013. Every eighteen months or so, director Ron Howard treats audiences to a film that is big on energy and excitement, and this year’s offering is no different. “Rush” tells the amazing story of Formula One racers James Hunt and Niki Lauda before and after the 1976 German Grand Prix. In a sport with virtually no room for mistakes, both drivers pushed their bodies and their machines to the limit in the quest for that year’s championship. Lauda almost lost his life in a horrific crash that year, and he had to overcome third-degree burns on his face and head in an attempt to finish the season. Howard does an exceptional job showing the speed and danger the two drivers faced in one of the best racing movies-and best guy movies-of all time.

One of the best mobster movies ever, 1990’s “Goodfellas” has some of the toughest characters to ever grace the big screen. Ray Liotta stars as Henry Hill, a New York kid who grew up idolizing the mobster lifestyle, and Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci play two of his best buddies: James Conway and Tommy DeVito, respectively. Martin Scorsese used the efforts of these three actors to present an honest and shocking look at the growth of organized crime and the drug trade in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Well directed, superbly acted, and immensely quotable, “Goodfellas” remains one of the all-time best movies for men to enjoy.

Although the “Star Wars” franchise has already included seven films, and more are on the way, none of them could exist without the original. “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” was released in 1977 to the admiration of moviegoers worldwide. Although the film’s themes appealed to a wide audience, Luke Skywalker’s quest to defeat Darth Vader put dreams into the minds of many young boys. The story of a boy with modest beginnings who goes on to defeat an evil ruling empire was hardly new, but director George Lucas was able to update the story to include futuristic weapons, droids, and space travel. “Star Wars” spawned a transcendent franchise that boys of all ages will continue to enjoy for their entire lifetimes.

Every year, theaters are filled with a variety of family movies, romantic comedies, and other offerings with mass appeal, but sometimes a movie comes along that will resonate with men throughout repeated viewings. It’s not just the amount of blood or the number of fight scenes that make these movies live in men’s hearts; it’s the stories they tell. Whether the film concerns the rise and fall of a mob member or a young man’s journey from working on a small farm to destroying the Death Star, men appreciate a well-crafted yarn. They also like a good explosion here and there, a fact that Hollywood isn’t likely to forget anytime soon.

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