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Harlequin Wallpaper

Feature rooms come alive with Harlequin Wallpaper

Decorating becomes less of a drag and more of a dream when Harlequin Wallpaper is involved. Take a plain wall, add quality wallpaper from the Harlequin collection and within an instance you’ve given the room its own unique character.  Use Harlequin Wallpaper within your lounge to compliment your furniture and furnishings and inject a little passion within the room.  Why be boring when you can be bold? Subdued isn’t special, it’s rather lacking; outgoing is much better.  Beautiful designs are plentiful within the Harlequin Wallpaper range. Pick your wallpaper wisely and you could be decorating your home with the vest best that Harlequin has to offer.

Boutique is best

Always wanted a boutique bedroom? The type you might find in a luxury hotel. Why not recreate that chic air of sophistication within your own home. Think of the room as a blank canvas and you can be the artist that paints a perfect picture within. Start with the decor. Look at the walls.  They could do with a covering of Harlequin Wallpaper.  The moment that Harlequin Wallpaper is introduced to the walls the room begins to come to life.  It’ll be an inspirational moment when the Harlequin Wallpaper is carefully pasted into position.  Use the Harlequin Wallpaper as creative stimulation and your dream designer bedroom can blossom in front of your eyes.

Kick start that lounge makeover

It’s been on the backburner far too long. Tired of seeing the same old drab wallpaper? Tear it down and in its place you can paste Harlequin Wallpaper instead. Funky wallpaper doesn’t come much finer than the dreamy collection of Harlequin Wallpaper.

Want to make a bold style statement in your lounge?  Spruce up the room in an instance with Harlequin Wallpaper.  It’s what the room has been craving for and it deserves a new sense of designer appeal. Make your lounge the trendiest room in the house and hang Harlequin Wallpaper on the walls.  Room makeovers are stunning when they have great wallpaper as a base and coverings don’t come much finer than those found within the Harlequin collection.

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Hollywood Stars – iPhone Background
hollywood wallpapers
This iPhone Background (640×960 wallpaper) is released under a Creative Commons Attribution License.
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How do I get this onto my iPhone?
There are a number of ways to do this, however I think the easiest and fastest way is to download Flickr’s free app. Within the Flickr app you surf over to my photo feed to view the images (if you make me a contact then I’ll appear in the flickr contact list). When you find one you like, just click the download button and save the image directly to your phone. Quick & Simple!

I don’t have an iPhone. Can I still use it on my phone?
As of this writing this image (960 x 640) should be large enough to be used as wallpaper with the Droid / Android, BlackBerry, Windows 7, and iPhone.

How did you make it?
This background was made using graphic design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Filter Forge, Genetica, Wacom, Alien Skin, Topaz Labs, as well as several other programs.

About Patrick Hoesly
I’m a graphic illustrator, specializing in architectural illustrations and graphic design. I work with Architects, Interior Designers, and Landscape Architects, to help them visualize and sell their designs …Or in other words… I make the fun/cool images!
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