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Hollywood Calling – I Want to Be an Actor

The lure of the Hollywood lifestyle is like a magical and magnetic pull. Who wouldn’t want to be adored all over the world, wear beautiful clothes, date ‘hotties’, set new trends and have beautiful, talented, wealthy people as your peers.

The road to becoming a successful Hollywood Actor is similar but different for each person who seeks this lifestyle. There are so many things to consider before you reach the status of ‘star’. What is and do I have ‘the right stuff” to be able to get that starring role in a movie. How do I let people know that I’m even alive, let alone available for casting? How do I fit my acting plans in with my survival requirements? The doors of opportunity can sometimes be like a secret passage way or like they have a secret password before they will open.

As with any career choice you need to have the skills, abilities,training and tools. In the acting world these are called talent, a resume which includes your work history, portfolio and photographs, an agent or manager, and auditions are your interview.

Talent involves your ability to perform your role well. To present a persona that portrays your part in a movie in an holistic manner. It requires superb communication skills of both the verbal and non-verbal kind, as well as the ability to take on an emotional state at will.

Your tools and training are your resume, portfolio and photographs. Experience is what these tools display, so a history or background in acting-related tasks and/or roles is what is needed, in a recorded format. Now, this could include your school plays – perhaps you didn’t just star, you may have written or re-written the screenplay, performed in support roles, as director or crew, or even been the costume designer or musician or lighting person. Be sure to include any advertisements you’ve done, workshops you’ve attended and amateur theatre you’ve been involved in, even your home performances for family and friends.

Your Agent or Manager is your connection to the world of acting. They are your representative and intermediary. They are sourced to find the person to fill the up-and-coming roles. Know what they do and how they do it, so that you then know what you are required to do and what they will and will not be able to do for you.

As stated, auditions are your interview. They are your opportunity to show that you can successfully be the person of the role – that you can present and display the attributes and personal qualities of that role, in a convincing, interactive and interpersonal manner. Like all interviews they need to be prepared for, which involves planning and scheduling. Organisation for and around auditions also fuels the correct mind-set and helps maintain motivation, as well as assisting to overcome performance anxiety and associated nervousness.

So if you can hear Hollywood calling you those are the things you will need. They will guide you to the secret passage way you have been seeking, where that secret password will be revealed, if required, so the doors of opportunity can open and you can be that successful Hollywood actor with the incredible Hollywood lifestyle.

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