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Hollywood Red Carpet Events and Their Impact

Be it a new movie premier, book launch, celebrity restaurant inauguration, or different kinds of awards shows or even after parties, Hollywood does not hesitate on putting a magnificent red carpet at the entrance of every event so celebrities can have a moment to show and talk about themselves to the world. For the audience who is viewing them on television screens and magazine pages, it is the red carpet that is more important than the actual event that takes place. Why? Because of the fashion. Clothing, hairstyle, make up and even shoes are crucially observed by millions of fans around the world.

These occasions intensely planned by major event planners is a chance for fashion, hair, and make up stylists to show off their art on various celebrities and have the general audience desire for the same or similar products and clothes on to themselves. This moment of fame is so important that in many event planning courses, students are taught that when organizing a Hollywood occasion, this part of the show which is basically the entrance must be given special importance and enough time for photographs and interviews of the stars with reporters on the red carpet about everything from what they are wearing, who are the creators behind their look and how they maintain the way they look. From personal experience, I know that when I volunteered at the Beverly Hilton official Oscar after party, the main event planners gave me clear instructions that when leading the celebrities down the red carpet, make sure each of them have enough time to have pictures taken by the various reporters from different magazines and T.V stations present and have time to talk to one or two reporters about their look.

Just being there personally I was able to see how important this part of the party was and I realized how much of an impact it makes – just through these pictures is a huge part of how many fashion magazines and paparazzi papers and internet sites even work. They realize that after every event, million of young and old girls alike will be stuck on their TV screens or be browsing the internet to catch up on the latest fashion brought to them by there favorite celebrities. The impact of these fashions and the faithfulness of the viewers who wait for them can sometimes even be bigger than just watching a runway show!

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