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How to Boost Numbers at Your Event With Email Marketing

It can be a challenge when it comes to attracting delegates to your event. Not that your event is not relevant or of interest to people. But, it may be the simple fact that with the current information overload; people may either place less value on your event or you might be one of many competitors.

Email marketing is an invaluable tool that can be used to build customers’ loyalty. It is an extremely effective way of reminding your contacts of your important events. Marketing your events shouldn’t be a one off or even a short term attempt. Instead it should be a continuous process, one designed to unveil the values that your event is designed to deliver.

What I’m I saying? I am saying that each attempt to advertise your event should be a sneak preview of what the actual event will deliver. The simple fact is this- if you don’t place value to your event. No One else will! For instance- word your advertising lines to be short and you must make them very informative. So, include quotes and facts relevant to your topics and areas to be covered. You must always aim to bring value to people’s life and of course, is why email marketing is such a great opportunity to leverage your marketing campaign. Building your list on an auto pilot email marketing system makes your effort more futile. Here are a few systems that you can try to get started.

Constant Contact- Gives users 60 days free trial and it is brilliant as by then, you can tell if running a campaign is for you or not. It’s quite affordable and very easy to use.

Get Response- I personally find Get Response to be quite good for one of my own project. Like Constant contact, it’s not expensive and quite easy to setup and use. I prefer Get Response over constant contact though in terms of design capabilities. As you can probably tell, I use both and so it depends on the features that you would like for your particular campaigns.

Here is a list of ways to collect email address for those of interest.
1. Direct sign up to through form provided by email marketing provider

2. Create signup sheets for your events

3. Encourage your subscribers to forward their own copy the email that you send them

4. You can boost your list by offering an incentive to sign up such as a free report, prize draw and other things of value

The bottom line is that once you have people on your list, you can send reminders about your upcoming events, at regular interval leading up to the date. One word of warning though is that you should never spam! Spamming is against the law and will defeat your marketing purpose. Nothing sucks credibility from your event like spamming! I promise…

Email marketing is a sure way to attract command and keep the attention to your event. The bottom-line is that email marketing is an ideal way to highlight the values of your event. Needless to say, building an email list is not always easy or desirable and there are two main reasons for this.

1. People are getting mega cautious due the information overload and spam.

2. Secondly, it may not be cost-effective for you if you’re not sending out email on a regular basis that delivers value and brings back profit.

Another option in this case is to contact a reputable company that can run a campaign for you. The aim of this is bring your event before qualified leads that have opted to receive events like your own.

A few good email marketing solution for events are as follows

1. Christian events- Yadah Christian event network

2. General one across the UK- events366

3. Business, networking events etc-Yadah Fresh

In some instances, you can even request exact details of the campaign. Such information includes frequency of mail-shot, numbers of subscribers and so on. Bringing your events to the mail-box of qualified leads is definitely the way forward and I wish you all the best in making attempts to boost your numbers!

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