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I Wanna Buy the Twilight Movie

Man, I want to buy the Twilight Movie…so badly…I can almost taste it. It’s very much like the way Edward craved Bella’s blood! I am an obsessed Twilight Saga fan..and I cannot get enough of the vampire love story between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. The trouble is, I’m not a tween or a teen…I’m a grown women and I, too, have succumbed to Edward’s dazzling charm. I am dazzled…by Twilight the book, the saga, the movie and the characters. In fact, I just like every single thing about the entire phenomena. Except that…it’s taking so long for the movie to be released on DVD. The official date is in March, but I want to pre-order the Twilight DVD so I can get it on that day. Where to pre-order the Twilight DVD?

Lots of places are taking pre-orders, so if you want to buy the DVD in advance you’re in luck. You can place a pre-order online or at your local video store. It’s not difficult to find a retailer that is taking these pre-release orders. If you want the Twilight Movie on DVD make sure to place your order now, or you may have to wait for a second shipment. These movie DVD’s are going to sell out quickly as soon as they hit the stores!

You know what a popular movie this is, and you know how, in the past, really popular DVD’s have sold out as soon as they hit the stores…so…pre-order yours today! For those of you who are not familiar with the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer…where have you been? These books sold over 40 million copies around the world.

The four book Saga is about the vampire romance, well vampire human romance, between Bella Swan (a human) and Edward Cullen (a vampire). These two fated to be together teens meet at Forks High School when Bella transfers there in the middle of the semester of her junior year. The story shows us how impossible it is for either teen to fight the inevitable…Bella and Edward must be together. The words Stephanie Meyer gives us to explain this are Bella’s “And third I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.” The word irrevocably causes me hold to my breath each time I hear or read it. It’s so intense, so unchangeable, here is the dictionary’s definition of it…”that cannot be revoked, recalled, or undone; unalterable”.

The release is due to happen at the end of March, so want to buy-ers should be on the lookout for some signs about pre-sales now. I know my Twilight Movie DVD order is already in…how about yours?

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