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Ice Age 3…The third in this fun kids movie series and a popular birthday party theme for kids! You probably already know what this is movie is about and have already met the wonderful Ice Age Characters, but have you thought about using this movie to get some ideas for a kids party? If your child is an Ice Age fan, why not invite this enjoyable, prehistoric cast to be your next kids party…as the party theme! Make your party invitations using pictures of the cast, make a dinosaur cake and play games like Pin the Trunk on the Wooly Mammoth.

In the first movie, we were introduced to the cast of characters. In the second movie, the characters survived a world-changing event in the meltdown. Now, taking off where the first two movies left off, Ice Age 3 will see the return of the familiar and loveable characters, Manny and Ellie the Woolly Mammoths, Sid the Megalonyx, Crash and Eddie the Opossums, Diego the Smilodon, and Scrat the squirrel in an all new adventure.

Fresh off the meltdown of the Ice Age 2, the motley crew of animals encounter something they never expected to see, dinosaurs! Thought to have been extinct millions of years ago, it is revealed that many of these ferocious beasts have survived in a frozen paradise. After the events of the second movie, with the glaciers melting down, the dinosaurs are no longer trapped in ice. Among their numbers is a monstrous Tyrannosaurus Rex which threatens Scrat the squirrel.

In a side plot, Ellie the Woolly Mammoth is also getting ready to have her and Manny’s first and only baby Woolly Mammoth. And in addition to the new dinosaur characters, more animal characters are introduced in Ice Age 3, including a female companion for Scrat, a flying squirrel named Scratte.

As the characters from the Ice Age encounter their new animal counterparts, there is sure to be tension and conflict. But while the tone of the movie may get scary at times, the antics of Crash and Eddie the Opossums will continue to be amusing and light-hearted.

Check out the Tyrannosaurus Rex Pinata as a fun party game along with Dinosaur footprints and of course, you are going to need a dinosaur cake! It’s easy to turn Ice Age 3 into a fun party theme for your child. Dinosaur party ideas are among the most popular theme for kids birthday parties. There are great decorating ideas and party game ideas you can use to entertain young children for hours using Ice Age 3 the Movie as inspiration.

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