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Speed Racer- a quick review

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Speed Racer- a quick review
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Speed Racer is one of the first cartoons I remember watching as a kid. I’d been looking forward to seeing the new movie, but after reading some early reviews, I considered skipping it and waiting to rent. My 8-year-old son Kai and I donated our .75 each this afternoon, and to be honest, we both thought the movie was well worth admission. Sure, it was loudly colorful, fast, and simple- but I think that’s exactly what The Wachowski Brothers were shooting for, a live action cartoon. It seems that many of the folks critical of the movie based their reviews on the visuals- they didn’t like how it looked, so they panned the film. Unfortunately the look of the film, reflecting the anime that inspired it, is such a big part of the movie that it can’t be ignored; if you can’t get past that, you aren’t going to enjoy the rest of the movie. I loved the visuals, and I don’t think the film would have worked without them. Visuals aside, the acting was serviceable, the story was boilerplate, if a little slow in parts, and the production was top-notch; as a result, the Wachowskis have created a world that was true to the original cartoon. On the whole, we found the movie entertaining, and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with my son.

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Bloodrayne Movie review, on a sticky
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In case you can’t read the poor hand writing in the blurry photo, it says:

"Wow. Worst movie ever!

Please destroy this DVD!"

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