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Success Story of Gone With the Wind

‘Gone with the Wind’ is a movie that will be remembered by thousands, for its unparalleled drama, action and romance. Known for the breath-taking spectacle and its inspiring acting by the greatest cast ever assembled, it is possibly the most exciting love story to be enacted on screen. It was also the most talked about picture ever made.

The winner of ten Academy Awards, this movie is set against the dramatic backdrop of the American Civil War. It is based on the novel written by Margaret Mitchell whose magnificent historic epic is an unforgettable tale of love and loss. The change reflected in the people due to the mortal division of a nation has been well portrayed in this movie. Above all it is the story of a ruthless lady and a dashing soldier.

Victor Fleming directed the movie. The main cast comprises Vivien Leigh playing Scarlett O’Hara and her prince in shining armor Rhett Butler is played by Clarke Gable.

The film was nominated for the awards for best actress for Vivien Leigh. Hattie Mc Daniel did a wonderful job in the supporting actress part. The best art director and cinematography were also in the list. Finally it won the award for the best director.

In 1989, it won the National Film Registry Award by National Film Preservation Board USA. The film also won the New York Film Critics Award for Best Actress. It stood apart with an award named Peoples Choice Award for all time Motion Pictures in the year 1989. It was made in the year 1939. That year it also carried away a Medal of Honors of Photoplay Awards in the name of David O Selzvick. The film was also nominated in Oscars for special effects and best effects. It was selected for best sound recording.

The story is about a woman who can deal with a nation at war. It has all the features of an epic tale. The character of the woman is shown growing from a very narrow point of view to a broader horizon with a more evolved personality. She gets a view of life seen from utmost luxury and from absolute starvation and poverty. She finds her way from feudalistic plantation to the war torn streets. We can see all the aspects of friendship, death, love and appreciation all in a military background.

This classic tale narrates the story of love between Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler during the American Civil war. She loves Ashley Wilkes but he in turn proposes to her cousin Melanie. They are willing to marry and Scarlett is on her way to produce hurdles on their way. There comes then a point in her life where the original man of her life arises to woo her. He loves her passionately but she proves to be a demanding lady.

It can be viewed as the history of a selfish woman who does not want to admit her feelings about the man she loves and finally loses him. She suffers much heartache including the destruction of her home and the brutality of war. In spite of all these, she finally discovers her true love, shedding her childish ways and maturing to a woman.

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