the big wedding

The genre is romantic comedy, my favorite and so I may be a bit gentle on the film as compared to others but I cannot shy away from the fact that it’s nothing to actually rave about. Yes, you can watch it over the weekend with your girlfriends especially when you simply wish to indulge in some mind-numbed cinema that is gentle on the senses and affords some entertainment. The cast is amazing and shines, I believe it’s the factor that redeems the film from being a complete disappointment. We have Robert de Niro (Don), Diane Keaton (Ellie), Ben Barnes (Alejandro), Amanda Seyfriend (Missy), Susan Sarandon (Bebe), in prominent roles doing brilliant jobs of some very insipid script. Well, maybe not VERY but certainly not too-little either.



So, the movie itself is a remake of a French movie which I believe must have fared much better than this translated version. However, we are introduced to the character of Robert de Niro who has been portrayed as a big selfish bear who see’s and does as he deems fit for himself but is lovable enough to be well-tolerated by all. It is his son with Diane Keaton, Alejandro who is getting married to missy but there is a problem: he is begotten of three mothers. In an age when one woman is difficult to handle, he now has to somehow juggle four: three mothers and one fiancé. His fate is arrived upon due to the fact that he is the adopted son of Don and Ellie, whilst being the biological son of Colombian descent Madonna (Patricia Rae) who is a devoiut catholic and has been raised by Bebe whom Don hooked up with after he got divorced from Ellie. Now, due to the religious beliefs of the Columbian birth mother, who will be attending the wedding, Don and Ellie have to pretend they were never divorced. Hence, follows the comedy of errors and sarcastic jibes.



Written by Justin Zackham, it’s been handled in a pleasant way and the actors make it believable with their stellar performances. The divorced couple have to now sheath their claws and pretend to be a happy jointed family for their son’ s happiness but what follows is a relatively enjoyable parrying between two people who have known each other long enough to be able to push and kick at the exact raw spots. The jokes about Don being a recovering alcoholic and a douchebag who has had years of selfish bad behavior to account for, are enjoyable. I thoroughly loved his portrayal of the role.



Topher Grace plays their other son, who is shown to be a 29-year old virgin holding out for love, but falls hot and heavy for the lusty Ana Ayora (Alejandro’s biological sister). A pregnant high-strung daughter is played by Katherine Heigl who is believable in the role. Robin Williams never disappoints and has you wishing that his role as the priest was more of the main part of the film, or a film on its own.  Bebe too, does a wonderful job of showcasing the role of the long-standing partner to Don who has been unceremoniously replaced and is now required to appear polite while being inwardly furious about the entire arrangement.



So, all in all it’s not too bad, with some laugh-out-loud moments and some “heh” moments and some “whatever” seconds, but what are you going to do, its rom-com, it’s not supposed to be rocket science.



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