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The Event

It was a splendid event. Mike was so excited about it. He and Laura organized his fortieth birthday party with elan and panache. All his old school and university chums were invited. I was invited because he and I were at the University together. I liked the place they rented for hosting the event, a spot near Sorbonne in the Latin Quarters. The place was a microcosm of Parisian culture and ethos. Most important, it was compatible with birthday man, Mike’s intellectual bent of mind and tastes. The bash was wonderful. We made merry and regaled ourselves through the evening. The typically French fare, consisting of bouillabaisse, vol-au-vent, lamb quiche, pork au gratin, foie gras, and cassoulet along with truffles and other desserts, will never be forgotten by any of us who attended his birthday event. I even remember Mike becoming childishly inquisitive when he was opening his birthday presents. Mike received all sorts of birthday gifts, from books, pens, and watches to shirts, trousers, ties, bottles of champagne, and cash. I gave him Jean Christophe by Romain Rolland. He was meaning to purchase the novel for a long time. I knew of this fact from his wife, Laura, and so I bought and presented the mammoth novel to him. Laura took countless pictures of the party with her digital camera in order to immortalize the event.

An Event over Which We Have No Control

Even though we knew that it was inevitable, the event of Jacques’s death still managed to unnerve us. There was nothing that his wife, Marie, his mother, or I could do. The doctors had told us that it was all over the moment the tumors were detected in Jacques’s brain. If Jacques’s days were numbered, mine had assumed a pattern. Every morning I would go to office and every evening I would visit Jacques at the hospital before I returned home. There was no change to or respite from this routine. The sheer monotony of it made me feel like a machine, as if I would continue with this drudgery even after Jacques’s death. His mother, his wife and I were perpetually on tenterhooks, constantly in a state of tension, waiting for him to die. Yes, waiting for the event of his death because there was no chance at all for him to recover. Death would end his suffering, at all events. His was an advanced form of brain cancer. Operating to obliterate the tumors would be well nigh impossible – they were housed in the most vital parts of his brain. Jacques would become a vegetable in the event of an operation. One evening, en route to the hospital, I got a phone call from his mother who said that he was in the throes of death. I rushed to the hospital. The doctors said that Jacques was in his final moments. His mother had brought a priest who was to read out the sacrament and anoint Jacques to sanctify the event of his death. The doctors and nurses attending to Jacques looked somber right through the ritual. His mother and Marie were inconsolable. Since I was the only person who seemed composed, the doctors apprised me of procedures and formalities in the event of his death. Jacques remained alive for about an hour after I entered the hospital. His death was a very painful event for all of us.

A Household Event

It was my sister, Daniela’s marriage, a grand event. Daniela looked beautiful in her white, lacy, embroidered gown and veil, a bouquet of red and pink roses in her hand. Our young cousins were her bridesmaids. It was my mother’s and my duty to give her away. My brother-in-law, Rupert, was actually a friend of mine. It was through me that she had met him. My sister was working as a teaching assistant then and doing her Ph.D. And Rupert already had a cushy job in a multinational bank. The match seemed perfect. Both of them were head-over-heels in love with each other. My mother and I had decided to organize the occasion. We wanted to make it an impressive and memorable affair, a gala event that would be enjoyed by not only the bride and the groom but also by all the wedding guests. And that is exactly how it turned out! The wedding was followed by a sumptuous luncheon. Everyone raised a toast to the newly married couple. In the eventide, there was dancing and another scrumptious dinner. We invited all our friends and relatives and we urged Rupert to do the same. As a result, the reception hall was swarming with people, my mother and Rupert’s mother the most excited of them all. Most of the guests, who belonged to our mothers’ generation, showered blessings on the young couple and hoped that they would be invited again to celebrate the blessed event. Gifts filled one whole room, piling up almost to the ceiling. All of us took photographs of the event, even Daniela, in spite of her trailing bridal gown. When the young couple departed for their honeymoon, my mother, I, Rupert’s mother and brother, all had a quiet party amongst ourselves, in honor of the success of the wedding that had taken place. My mother urged me to get married and settle down and even promised me that she would throw as gorgeous a reception for me as she had thrown for Daniela. The whole event was too good to be true, like a dream that left us, families of the couple, pretty overwhelmed.

Wrenched Out of an Event

We continued our existence in this dreamy fashion for some time. My mother was busy with her work; I was blissfully involved with my motivational, coaching and counseling sessions. But like all dreams that result in wakefulness, we too were rudely awakened from the security of our dream when Daniela reported to us that Rupert was not the man he had seemed before marriage. Within a few months, our dream turned into a nightmare. Daniela and Rupert were practically at each other’s throats. It was very embarrassing too, since Rupert’s mother and my mother had become good friends over the months. At first, we tried to help the two of them patch up their lives. I was chosen as the mediator by both the families since I was one’s sibling and the other’s friend. But nothing would help. The marriage was beyond repair. Above all, the entire event left all of us shocked. What we had assumed to be a union in heaven, turned out to be a hellish union, a union that was never meant to be. The unlikely event of divorce had never crossed our minds. But divorce seemed to be the only event that could bring about a semblance of peace in the lives of Daniela and Rupert. I felt very guilty since it was through me that my sister had met her husband. The divorce took place. There was a lot of legal wrangling and trauma for both the families. But it was better that way. They simply could not remain married any longer.

An Event of a Lifetime

Soon after the event of the divorce, my mother, Daniela and I went for a holiday. We were in desperate need of the break, wanting to rejuvenate our souls. We decided to visit India. We chose India because I am closely and constantly associated with the country. My work often takes me there and I have become enamored by Indian culture. In India, we decided to visit New Delhi, Agra, Darjeeling, Puri, Mumbai and some South-Indian temples. It was a long trip, as we would be visiting various destinations. The trip turned out to be a healing experience, a lovely event, for the three of us. Puri and Mumbai were spectacular with the waters of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, respectively, lapping against the shores and our heels. Darjeeling was picturesque to say the least with the sparkling Kanchenjunga standing, imposing and unwavering, against the light blue sky. The Taj Mahal of Agra was breathtaking and an event by itself, and New Delhi was spellbinding. The temples of South India were exquisite gems. The Jagannath Temple in Puri was a hotbed of events as it hosted prayer ceremonies, worshiping sessions, chanting sessions and even marriages within its premises. The holiday in India with my family was one of the greatest events of my life. It had a miraculous effect on my Mum, my sis and on me. It made us believe in ourselves and value our own lives. The aftermath of the holiday was apparent when we returned to France. Each of us began to do exceptionally well at our jobs. We received promotions too. We celebrated the event of our advancement in our careers this time, not through any extravagant party, pomp and show, but in the quietest possible manner, by dining quietly at an Italian restaurant. We invited no one, apprised no one of the event. Only our colleagues at office knew about our promotions. My mother’s promotion to the position of Head of the Department at her University, was known by her colleagues. My mother’s colleagues wanted to throw a party for her but she refused the offer because she wanted to keep things as low profile as possible.

A Low Profile Event Can Be a Turning Point

But the low key event of our dinner brought immense happiness into our lives. We rejoiced in a manner we had never known before. Only the three of us, Mum, Daniela and I, ate our favorite dishes in our favorite restaurant. That such a small and unpublicized event could bring so much pleasure was something that I realized for the first time. I also realized other things from that one single event of our dining out.

What is an Event?

I understood that an event is an occurrence or a happening and that events are of various types. I fathomed that an event can bring great joy or great sorrow, victory or defeat. Birth and death are events. A birthday is an event. A wedding is an event. A divorce is an event. A competition is an event. A war is an event. A promotion in office is an event. A demotion too is an event. A simple thing as dining out is an event. In fact, a simple occurrence, such as the three of us dining out together, can become a major event, a turning point, a red-letter day. Life is the greatest event of all that is made up of numerous smaller events, incidents, occurrences, and accidents. But it is these events and accidents, some large and some small, that make up our lives, that shape our lives and that determine who we are. We have full control over some events such as birthday parties and other parties and no control whatsoever over other events such as accidents and deaths. At all events, events are inescapable and an integral part and parcel of our lives.

Event Management Software

It is not possible to document all the events that occur. Nor is it possible to control the various events that we have to face in the course of our lives. In order to control events so that people experience only the good events and can avoid the negative events, people visit astrologers. But astrologers are there only to dupe. They pretend to foretell events but they are hopeless at the job. However, there are some gullible people who always implicitly believe these folks. I can tell you a better and more effective way of controlling events. Event management software is available on the Internet. An event management software is an event management application that helps people to manage their events. Reliable event management software helps people to record event proceedings, schedule new events, share events, document event summaries and do a whole array of other things in order to organize event information. Certain reliable event management software even helps you to network professionally with other people so that you may discuss different aspects of the event through the platform of the software. Dependable event management software is platform independent and may be accessed from any PC, laptop or device connected to the Internet. What is more, good event management software helps a person to organize his or her life better. It helps a person to become methodical, far-sighted, ready for emergency events. At all events, trustworthy event management software promises to bring several pleasant events in the form of promotions and success in the way of a person. Event management software has acquired popularity over the last couple of years. More and more people are finding such software to be extremely useful in regulating their lives. Even though event management software is of no use in the case of natural and unpredictable events such as earthquakes, volcanoes and floods, it is useful nonetheless in helping a person to be more organized, in making dull lives eventful.

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