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The Last Supper Movie Review

Hungry? I’m usually thinking about my next meal, so maybe my love of fine cuisine is one of the reasons I really enjoyed The Last Supper.

Dark and Rainy

If you’re looking for a movie that is filled with cookies and sunshine, then this is not the movie for you. The intro sequence for this movie consists of a series of rather disturbing paintings, setting a dark undertone that remains present until the final scene in the film.

Jude (Cameron Diaz), Pete (Ron Eldard), Paulie (Annabeth Gish), Marc (Jonathan Penner), and Luke (Courtney B. Vance) are a group of liberal graduate and PHd students who live together and enjoy weekly debates with a dinner guest.

When Luke’s guest can’t make it and he gets road help from a stranger (Bill Paxton) during a terrible thunderstorm, all of their lives are changed forever. An invite to dinner proves fatal for the stranger, who threatens Pete with a knife and is killed after a brief struggle. After burying the body in the back yard, our “heroes” are left to ponder the consequences of their actions, with shocking results.

Lasting Impressions

If you met a young Hitler in a bar before he had embarked on his political career, what would you do?

The theme of this movie is summarized by the above question posed by Luke during one of the debates, and various answers are proposed as the storyline progresses. The debates complement the character development, and we’re left thinking about the consequences of the actions of the main characters, and not simply the questions they raise.

This movie is rated R for some sexual suggestion and violence, and the topic may not be considered appropriate for family viewing. If you’re looking for a film that is thought-provoking, a little shocking, and is way off the path followed by blockbuster films out in theater right now, then this is the movie you should be watching.

With wonderful performances by the protagonists, excellent cameos by some recognizable faces (Jason Alexander does a terrific job, and Don Johnson is perfectly despicable), and an amazing finale with Ron Perlman, this movie really fits the bill for entertainment. Watch it, and you won’t ever forget it.

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