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The World Ends Soon – Will 2012 the Movie, Cause Panic?

Due out November 13, 2009, the movie 2012 is already the subject of much water cooler chatter. Do you think the movie will cause panic?

Based on the conclusion of the Mayan calendar, which ends December 20, 2012, the movie attempts to predict a catastrophic event. Obviously, it’s an event that’s in Hollywood’s image. Still, how much chaos can one movie due?

This reminds me of Passion of the Christ. Many thought the movie would stir up lots of emotion and cause a lot of trouble. In the end, some feathers were ruffled, but that passed.

However, many are starting to say that 2012 could cause a panic level similar to the Y2K fiasco some years ago. Food rations anyone?

Sure, the Mayans haven’t seen the light of day in thousands of years, but somehow they get all the credibility in the world. Could they be right? My money is on no. However, that doesn’t stop everyone from adding their two cents. Like the final moments of 1999, I think the world will be talking about this heavily until January 01, 2013.

As far as the movie goes, you know it will be filed with great special effects and mayhem. It’s director, Roland Emmerich, is well-known for destroying a city in Godzilla, blowing up countless landmarks in Independence Day and most recently, tackling climate change in The Day After Tomorrow.

I expect 2012 to follow his style, which means it will be a great ride. Unlike the previous movies, this one has a sense of possible realism to it all. None of us expect giant lizards to tear through cities, but a movie based on predictions due to hit soon are intriguing.

Real or not, at the very least we get a great movie to enjoy. As to the panic of the public, we’ll have to wait and see.

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