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Upcoming Halloween Event: Hollywood Kids? Activities

“Halloween”, which is also an abbreviation of All Hallows Even, means the day before All Saints Day. Halloween holiday, held on October 31st annually, is traditionally known as one of the oldest holidays in the world and is originated from the pagan times. In addition, Halloween is the holiday of combination between the odd customs and unique funny-watching activities such as trick-or-treating, costume wearing, along with theme decorations. All of them are based on the imagination of death, ghosts, or the supernatural. This holiday has attracted not only the eagerness of children around the world but the participation of adults as well. One of the most typical decorations used on the occasion of Halloween holiday is the Jack-O\’-Lanterns, or the carved pumpkins. In other words, this hollowed-out turnips with embers or candles seem to be a very well-known Halloween decoration for hundreds of years.


Halloween 2010 is going to take place everywhere across the globe, and it is the most anticipated event for children including Hollywood kids. Let’s see how these lovely Hollywood children welcome this special holiday via the following photoshot:


Alessandra Ambrósio and her two-year daughter, Anja, are playing funnily among round and big pumpkins


Dave Grohl together with her beloved daughter, Harper Grohl is wandering around pumpkin garden


Max, the son of Christina Aguilera, feel very excited beside his mother after selecting pumpkins at Mr.Bones’ garden


Usher along with his sons including two-year-old Usher V and 22-month Naviyd feels happy to choose pumpkins at site


The Hollywood kid, Stella McDermott, seems to carefully select pumpkins at Moorpark, California on October 17th


Soleil Moon Frye and her 5-year-old Poet is smiling happily with the paint on the face on October 16th


Tobey Maguire is helping his son Otis to choose pumpkins for the occasion of Halloween


Halle Berry and her little kid, Nahla, are walking around the pumpkin garden



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