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Warner Bros. is thinking big to develop its superheroes in cinema and on HBO Max

The studio is building two parallel stories around Batman and plans to exclusively stream superfilms.

How to build a coherent saga carried by two interpreters of Batman (Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson) at the same time? Which super movies will be streamed exclusively on HBO Max and which will be eligible for a theatrical release? Why is “Justice League a cul-de-sac script” ? Walter Hamada, at the head of DC Films, specifies the strategy of the studio in a portrait of the New York Times .

Streaming and / or cinema?

While Wonder Woman 1984 has just been released both in US theaters and streaming on HBO Max for a month ( this will be the case for all Warner Bros. productions in 2021 ), the magazine was able to ask a few questions. to the boss of the super-heroic branch of the studio, who does not hide great ambitions for his future productions. “For every superhero movie we prepare, we ask ourselves what is the potential for spin-offs on HBO Max.”, explains Walter Hamada, for example. Concretely, the firm would like to release four superfilms per year from 2022 on the big screen, as well as two feature films directly on their streaming platform, and derivative series on certain secondary characters. Thus, the “tentpoles” such as Wonder Woman 3, The Batman, Aquaman 2, The Suicide Squad or Flash will be well intended for the big screen, while the “small films” devoted to Batgirl or Static Shock, and a series on The Gotham City Police Station , derived from the blockbuster starring Robert Pattinson, will be available for streaming.

Developing “ multiverses ”

Another confirmation: Warner is developing two stories on Batman in parallel, the Dark Knight thus having several interpreters at the same time. How do you make this consistent? “For all of these stories to work, the DC films will introduce this concept of ‘multiverse’ to the general public,” the article details.They are parallel worlds thanks to which several versions of the same character can exist at the same time. Thus, Warner Bros. will be able to develop two sagas around Batman, which will be embodied by two different actors and will be developed at the same time. This concretely means that the same character (let’s take Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman, for example) will continue his adventures on Earth 1, while a new incarnation (Mr. Pattinson in Batman) will be occupied on Earth. The Flash, a film slated for theaters in 2022, will be responsible for linking the two universes by offering two Batmans on screen: Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton , who played him in 1989 and 1992. “ Hamada comments on this strategy as follows:“I don’t think it’s been tried before, but viewers are smart enough to understand this concept. If you make good films, they’ll accept this idea.” Note, however, that Marvel, the direct competitor of DC / Warner, is preparing more or less the same thing around Spider-Man for its next blockbusters, where Tom Holland (the current interpreter of Peter Parker), Andrew Garfield and Tobey should meet. Maguire, who played it before him in the cinema

What about Justice League  ?

We know that a few years ago, the Warner hoped that Justice League would be the ” cornerstone” of its superheroic franchise. The first solo films brought to this reunion of cult figures from the comics ( Man of Steel, Batman v Superman ), and this is also how Aquaman and Wonder Woman were subsequently developed on the big screen, but following its manufacture. complicated and with mixed results (both critically and at the box office), in 2017 the sequel to Justice League was scrapped. Zack Snyder, its initial director, however, is about to release his ‘director’s cut’, the version seen in the cinema having been completed by Joss Whedon. This, scheduled for March on HBO Max, could it relaunch new films bringing together the Justice League? According to Hamada, the answer is no: “It’s a scriptwriting dead end, a street that leads nowhere ,  he replies.

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