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Wes Anderson reunites Tilda Swinton and Bill Murray again for upcoming film

Adrien Brody will also be there!

Wes Anderson has just presented  The French Dispatch  (one year late due to the pandemic) at the Cannes Film Festival in competition. But the director is already looking towards his next project, for which he brings together again two of his favorite actors, already present in this film. It is therefore about Tilda Swinton and Bill Murray , informs us the American site  Variety .  And that’s not all, since according to Deadline Adrien Brody , another favorite actor of the director, will also be there. 

Bill Murray is one of Wes Anderson’s favorite actors, since he has been featured in the director’s films since 1998, that is … 10 feature films in total: Rushmore  (1998),  The Tenenbaum Family  (2001),  La Vie Aquatique  (2004),  Aboard the Darjeeling Limited  (2007), Fantastic Mr. Fox  (2009),  Moonrise Kingdom  (2012),  The Grand Budapest Hotel  (2014),  Isle of Dogs  (2018) and of course, The French Dispatch  (2021). 

The shooting of Anderson’s new film will start normally in August and, as the director seems to have a soft spot for Europe (we already know that he is a big fan of French cinema), it will take place in Spain – although initially , the shooting was to take place in Rome. The film doesn’t have a title yet, and it’s not “about Spain”  Swinton told  Variety  last June. Anderson did not wish to reveal any details yet.

The sets have been set up in a small town in southeastern Spain called Chinchón for the past two months, and they would look like pretty desert landscapes, but the movie wouldn’t be a western either.

While waiting for its release, you can discover  The French Dispatch  in French cinemas from October 27. Courage, more than 3 months of waiting.

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