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What Are the Luxury Marketing Event

Luxury marketing ideas include many luxury events. You might have a few classic items made by Vera Wang or Armani; but you won’t be able to see the famous designers in person unless you go to the New York Fashion Show. Well, it is called Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week now. The entire event is alive online on many designers’ websites during the season and luxury online is no stranger to the top-notch buyers and sellers.

These luxury events range from the expensive wedding ceremony to grand baby baptism party. Some even involve the A or B listed Hollywood celebrities, reality show stars and important film makers or directors. Some are called the “red-carpet” events, such as the Emmy Awards, the Oscar Awards and the film premiers. In these high fashion forward and glamorous events, the successful business marketing people are more excited than the award winners. These are the opportunities for the professionals to meet or party to develop deeper relationships than just having fun. Social networking is not only about Facebook, the networking begins with real people’s socialization offline. In luxury sales and marketing, these great events are routinely provided and sponsored by businesses, hotels and luxury products manufacturers.

Where are these events?

It is not difficult to spot these luxury events. They are widely broadcasted through media online and offline. For an example, the Fashion Week is the industrial well-known biggest event in the fashion world. It only lasts for a week and is hosted by metropolitan cities such as New York City, London, Milan, Paris as well as many other countries. The Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter are the two major seasons. Many menswear and women swear designers produce their conceptual, trend leading couture to put on great run way shows. Many participants are not only the fashion fans but also the smart and sharp business people. They seek these events as their networking golden times. Luxury goods are made by groups of intelligent experts in designing and photographing, with strong presentation, plus the detail-oriented, error-proof executions. Knowing right people-from marketers to buyers-is the core of the luxury marketing.

How to get in?

It depends. Marketing luxury online is free and open to everybody who has access to internet. The websites, videos and advertisement are beautifully made to entertain the high end buyers. However, many red carpet events are by invitations only. The luxury marketers who have direct connection with the event sponsors or party organizers can get their invitation early before the seats run out. For the press, only the credentialed members of these events reporters or writers are invited in. Luxury marketers sometimes have these professionals as part of their team too.

PS. In luxury marketing events, the free gift bags containing many goodies are donated by the business owners and manufacturers for a direct advertisement. It is a great marketing tool. Luxury marketers won’t miss this opportunity to have the Twilight stars holding their branded products!

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