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Will the World End According to the Mayan 2012 Calendar?

According the Mayans, an advanced society of people who lived a few thousand years ago and then disappeared, their calendar ends on Dec 21, 2012. But does that mean, as it does to many, the end of the word?

I don’t know. But, what I do know is that because Mayan 2012 Calendar is based on celestial events and because the Mayans were an advanced society who studied the cosmos, that there are certain cosmic events which will converge on that date.

These cosmic events include a possible earth polar reversal, the alignment of stars and planets and a great many other events – too many to mention here.

But, because humans are a particularly frightened and over reactive bunch of people, we have a tendency to look at the negative or worst possible outcomes. Therefore, if the Mayans, an advanced society says the calendar is ending, that must mean the end of the world.

Maybe, but let’s discuss rationally the implications of what that date could mean to us. My belief is that it is an opportunity to examine how far we’ve come as a society in relationship to science, technology, interaction and general awareness.

By its very nature, an event that is well known to a great many people, makes a huge impact on all of us. Therefore there must be lesson in that somewhere. And, just like Y2K and the impending doom of a global computer meltdown, in which many people predicted catastrophic change, change occurred. Was it catastrophic? No, but change did occur. Many people stockpiled food, took computers off the grid and generally went crazy.

For most people, the thought that computers were going to take over and create havoc was a huge lesson in over reaction. And over reaction is a negative state of energy.

So, if we anticipate major catastrophic change on Dec 21, 2012, that means that major change will occur. But, is it for the better? Only time will tell, but based on the fact that history is a pretty good judge of what’s to come, I think so.

Why? Because, change is good – no matter how you put it. Change will allow us to adapt as humans causing us to grow either together or apart depending on your point of view. I believe it will allow us to grow together but because it’s my belief system then it will happen.

The universe and its cosmos will give you constant concrete proof that your beliefs are real. That the law of attraction at work. What you focus on expands. It’s as simple as that.

So knowing that our thoughts will become our reality, why not look to that date in 2012 as an opportunity to grow in knowledge and awareness and let’s figure out a way to make it a positive date in history.

Hollywood would rather focus on the cataclysmic destruction but, we don’t have to do that. If most of us believe that great awareness and change will take place and take us to that next level of awareness that we all seek, then why not let it happen?

History does not have to repeat itself. War over the cosmos does not have to happen. Let’s roll with it and let be what supposed to be. I can say this, “whatever you think will happen, will likely happen in your reality.” It doesn’t mean that you think the world will come to an end will happen. But look at your thoughts and that doomsday approach that you give to your present moment awareness. Anticipation of disaster causes you to live in a constant state of impending doom which then attracts more situations at the same energy level as you’re putting out.

Is it possible to change? Of course. Look to the Mayan 2012 Calendar and the publicity that surrounds it and do your part to stop perpetuating a culture of negatively and give your positive energy to it and to others, and you will attract other people of similar beliefs into your life. And, that is a good thing indeed.

Paul Tobey is an internet marketing specialist who gives business training courses across North America and believe that the Mayan 2012 Calendar [http://www.mayan-2012-calendar.com/] holds the key to unlocking some of the mysteries of human behavior.

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